Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine

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Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine

GLSC Automatic Multi-Ply Cutting System provides the best solutions for mass production in Textile,Furniture,Car interior, Luggage, Outdoor industries, etc. Equipped with IECHO high speed Electronic Oscillating Tool (EOT), GLS can cut soft materials with high speed,high precision and high intelligence. IECHO CUTSERVER Cloud Control Center has powerful data conversion module, which ensures GLS work with the mainstream CAD software in the market.

Length x Width x Height 4.9m*2.9m*2.6m

Cutting motion control system

● The cutting path compensation can be automatically performed according to the loss of the fabric and the blade.
● According to different cutting conditions, the cutting speed can be automatically adjusted to improve the cutting efficiency while ensuring the quality of the pieces.
● The cutting parameters can be modified in real time during the cutting process without the need to pause the equipment.



Intelligent fault detection system

Automatically inspect the operation of cutting machines, and upload data to cloud storage for the technicians to check problems.

Fully automatic continuous cutting function

The overall cutting is increased by more than 30%.
● Automatically sense and synchronize the feeding back-blowing function.
● No human intervention is required during cutting and feeding
● Super-long pattern can be seamlessly cutting and processing.
● Automatically adjust the pressure, feeding with pressure.

Knife intelligent correction system

Adjust cutting mode according to different materials.

Knife cooling system

Reduce tool heat to avoiding material adhesion

Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine
One-time molding steel frame
The fuselage frame is made of high-quality carbon structural steel, which is formed at one time by a large five-axis gantry milling machine to ensure the accuracy of the equipment.
High frequency oscillation tool
Maximum rotating speed can reach 6000rpm. Through the optimization of dynamic balance, the noise during equipment operation is reduced, the cutting accuracy is guaranteed, and the service life of the machine head is increased. The high frequency vibration blade is made of special processing material to be more solid, and it is not easy to deform during the cutting process.
Multiple devices and functions
● Tool Cooling function. Reduce the adhesion of special fabrics in the cutting process.
● Punching device. Three kinds of punching processing of different specifications can be completed one time.
● Automatic cleaning device for bristle brick. The bristle brick automatic cleaning device always keeps the equipment in the best state of suction.
New vacuum chamber design
The structural rigidity of the cavity is greatly improved, and the overall deformation under the pressure of 35 kpa is≤0.1mm.
The cavity ventilation airway is optimized, and the suction force can be adjusted quickly and intelligently during the cutting process, without the need for secondary coating.

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