Automatic Fabric Spreading Machine

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Automatic Fabric Spreading Machine
Easy to use a 7-inch touch screen.
Tender spreading, sensitive to user action. (Manual)
Ability to rewind the fabric on one-way and zigzag spreading.
One-way fabric spreading and cutting due to the cutting apparatus.
Automatic height adjustment for the fabric.
Side smoothness adjustment with the electronic photocell.
Fabric spreading machine.
More precise fabric uniformity thanks to separate tension setting at the beginning and at the end.
Fabric-finished sensor.
Environmental safety thanks to its security bar.
Easy to load fabric thanks to the adjustable basket feature.
In one-way spreading option, faster-spreading cutting adjustments.
Thanks to the warning light, the fabric is ready for spreading or the error warnings can be seen.
Foldable person platform in narrow space.
Waiting-feature in zigzag cuts.
Automatic and manual cutting options in one-way fabric spreadings.
Electronic automatic tension system thanks to the dancer.
All kinds of fabric adjustment.

Automatic Fabric Spreading Machine
Easy spreading for the problematic fabrics thanks to its opening roller.
It is designed to spread all kinds of weaving and knitting fabrics.
It is easy to use thanks to its independent wheels.
It has one-way and zigzag spreading.
It has a conveyor belt system which kept at a low level to facilitate fabric loading.
Fabric edge smoothness control system.
Ability to collect the fabric back.
Ability to unloading the fabric roll.
fabric layer counter.
Easy maintenance.
Thanks to the Servo motorized fabric feeding system with a conveyor belt, the desired tensioning can be spread all over the fabric.
Automatic tension control.

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